Facebook acquires HTML5 app-builder Strobe

The world’s largest social network has acquired the mobile app developer Strobe and this should lead to an even stronger HTML5 Facebook experience on your mobile devices.

According to GigaOm, Strobe focuses on getting mobile apps built with HTML5 and the Stobe team (one guy, essentially) confirmed the deal on its blog and laid out its message:

Strobe was founded on the belief that HTML5 can transform the way average people use their mobile phones through apps that are available everywhere, anytime, on any device. Now we’re joining the talented people at Facebook to help develop innovative mobile experiences for their users around the world.

Facebook has long said that mobile is its future and it has recently rolled out a mobile website that is almost as good as its various apps. The one thing I’ve been noticing lately is that uploading photos directly from the Facebook mobile website can be a pain, as you can see from the picture below.

Regardless, congrats to the Strobe team and here’s hoping this only makes the Facebook mobile experience better.

[Via Gigaom, Strobe]

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