Preview: ngmoco’s Free-to-Play RPG Skyfall for Android, iOS; Gain access to the beta now!

When it comes to mobile RPGs, there are a number of games that are certainly worth your time and money. Classic RPGs that have been ported to mobile devices, such as Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy III, and Chrono Trigger are paving the way for unique RPG experiences like Mage Gauntlet, Fara, and Pocket RPG to gain in popularity. One problem is RPGs tend to cost a bit more than most mobile games as developers put more time and care into them in order to offer a deep experience to the player. Free-toplay RPGs are nearly unheard of in the mobile games market, and that’s the niche ngmoco is planning on taking on with their upcoming game, Skyfall.

The main focus in Skyfall is how the player explores their surroundings. You’ll tap th escreen in order to uncover one or multiple portions of the map in order to explore. From your exploration you’ll uncover chests, towns, resources, and bump into an enemy or two. Whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes, Skyfall promises to give a deep RPG experience to both casual and hardcore gamers. Skyfall is a F2P game, which means most players will be able to enjoy a good portion of the game without spending any money. Exploring will cost you energy, which you’ll eventually run out of, but can be replenished a number of ways: Paying for more energy with real money, drinking energy potions, or just allowing time to pass to regain energy. It’s the typical F2P energy model that has done so well with other F2P titles.

The term “F2P Social RPG” was used a lot during my Skyfall demo. During your adventure, you’ll come across other adventurers through the various towns you’ll come across. In the towns, you’ll be able to inspect other character’s gear, stats, and you’ll also be able to interact with them by sending them messages as well as joining or inviting them to your party. When you explore dungeons or other interior locations, you’ll be able to invite other players to fight alongside you. Skyfall doesn’t have a true multiplayer experience, instead it uses a passive system similar to most games played on social media sites like Facebook. In other words, players won’t be playing on their device alongside you, instead, you’ll just have access to another player’s character to be used in battle.

When your character goes into battle, they’ll have access to up to two weapons and two spells. Each attack brings up an attack bar which will have a varying location for its sweet spot, which offers a chance for a critical attack. Skyfall’s combat system is turn-based allowing you to issue a combat command to your character, and then having the enemy make their move. One thing I thought was rather neat was when the player turns the device, the windows showing the player and their enemy move as well, offering a 3D look to them.

Skyfall certainly has a lot of promise as it’s a F2P RPG with social aspects to it and tons of loot and areas to explore. ngmoco kicked off its beta this week and the first 500 IntoMobile readers who go to and enter “INTOMOBILE” will be invited into the beta.

  • Robb

    Is this available for iOS? I went to the website and it’s only showing Android devices

    • Daniel Perez

      It’s available only for Android at the moment, but ngmoco is planning on releasing it for iOS soon.

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