Galaxy Nexus gets its page at Vodafone UK

Galaxy Nexus gets its page at Vodafone UK

Yep, we’ve told you Vodafone will be one of the British mobile operators to offer the brand new Galaxy Nexus and voila… the first Ice Cream Sandwich device got its page at the Big Red carrier’s website. Unfortunately, it’s the standard “Coming Soon” page that doesn’t reveals any details like let’s say the price, but you can leave your email and be among the first ones to get that information once the phone becomes available.

If I had to bet, Vodafone will offer the Galaxy Nexus for free on plans starting at about 35 GBP per month. Heck, they may even ask for 40 GBP. Luckily, there will be multiple options, some of which include pouring out some cash upfront (like 100 GBP) while commiting on lower monthly payments. The choice is good, the choice is necessery… we love choice. 😉

Anyway, you can visit this page to register for updates.

[Via: EuroDroid]

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