Report: iOS, Android overtake portable gaming market; Nintendo, Sony should be worried

Who saw this coming? Well, hopefully everyone who has been gaming on their mobile devices for the last couple of years. We all know gaming on our mobile devices has been on the rise, even dominating the tablet scene as 2/3 of tablet owners play games on their devices, but it looks like gaming on mobile devices has become so popular that it has now officially overtaken dedicated portable game machines, namely the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

According to a report released today by mobile analytics firm Flurry, both iOS and Android combined have taken over the portable gaming market with 58% revenue in 2011, which just two years ago was controlled by the Nintendo DS with 70% revenue. Nintendo currently has 36% revenue of the portable gaming market, while Sony only has 6% revenue.

Seeing as the iPhone 4S has been what iOS gamers have been wanting for in a device, as well as the newly announced Tegra 3 chip for upcoming Android tablets and phones, it looks like iOS & Android could take even more of the portable gaming market as soon as developers start delivering games that take advantage of all the new hardware is capable of delivering. It doesn’t help Nintendo’s 3DS has been considered a flop going by how successful previous Nintendo DS’ have sold as well as their investors pressuring them to develop for iOS, so all eyes will be on Sony’s Playstation Vita when it’s released next year which they promise will supersede mobile gaming. Although, I personally believe it’s all too little too late at this point and dedicated portable gaming devices will soon be a thing of the past.

[Via AppleInsider]

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that Nintendo and Sony will regain there old dominating market shares with their dedicated portable gaming devices. The possibility of playing high end mobile games on your normal smartphone is making these classic gaming devices obsolete! 😉 Plus the fact, that games for phones are a lot cheaper than the gaming modules für the DS or PSP and PSVITA.

    • Daniel Perez

      I completely agree with you. Even if I didn’t work for IntoMobile, I still would share those views. Gaming on your mobile device is a lot more convenient, cheaper, and at times, the games offer the same amount of quality as games on a dedicated portable gaming device.

      • Guest

         The study was bias and false, hell the numbers dont even exist…………..

        Gaming on mobile devices are not more convenient, they are cheaper, and never the same amount of quality

  • Meli

    I strongly doubt the dedicated handheld market will go away any time soon, I mean look at the 3ds, it had a huge surge in sales recently…you just need the right games. Also, how many of those ios players are hardcore gamers…I bet 90% of them buy 1 or 2 games, because everyone has a phone nowadays.

    The mobile market is expanding with these ios, and this can only help Nintendo and Sony in the long run. Dedicated gaming won’t be a thing of the past anytime soon…it’s like saying consoles will disappear soon because millions of extremely casual gamers are playing browser games, thus making pc have a much larger player base.

    • Guest

       dont worry, the study was proven bias, and mishandled

  • Guest

    I remember this bias study

    Its false data claims are laughed at by many gamers

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