Taptu lands on Nook Color, Nook Tablet

We’re fans of the Taptu app for getting your news, so it’s nice to hear that it will be bringing out three new apps for the just-announced Nook Tablet and the Nook Color.

The Taptu Fashion, Taput Food and Taptu Lifestyle apps will bring customized news aggregation experiences to the Barnes & Noble tablets, pulling from over 200,000 news streams (including IntoMobile!). As you would expect from Taptu, you can “DJ” these streams to include your favorite sites and streams but these will come out of the gate with strong curation around each individual topic. Look for Instapaper and Read It Later integration, as well as the great user interface we’re used to with Taptu.

“We are delighted to offer these new food, lifestyle and fashion Taptu apps exclusively to our millions of NOOK Color customers, as they cater directly to avid reader’s interests and habits,” said Claudia Romanini, Director of Developer Relations for Barnes & Noble, in a prepared statement. “Taptu delivers a fantastic, highly customizable and immersive news experience that our customers crave, and the apps look terrific on NOOK Color’s beautiful display.”

With the Nook Tablet and Amazon Fire poised to sell millions of units this holiday season, it will be interesting to see how strongly developers jump on board and what this will mean for the larger Android ecosystem. Both run a version of Android but it’s not the apps aren’t a little different than what can be found in the Android Market. I’ve spoken with the Nook team before and they’ve said that developers are very happy so far because its user base may not be the largest but it’s a prime demographic that is accustomed to spending money for content.

You can download the Taptu Fashion app here, the food app here and the lifestyle app here.

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