Google re-releases official iOS Gmail app hopefully for good this time

It seemed like only two weeks ago when Google decided to grace us with the presence of the official Gmail app for iOS. Well, that’s because it WAS two weeks ago when  not only was the app made available, but approximately 11.7 minutes later, it was taken down by Google as it contained a crippling bug that would crash for users upon opening. Google has then fixed the bug, which was quite a doozy as the app took two weeks to be released again on the App Store, and is now available for your downloading pleasure.

Google has also revealed in the short time their Gmail app for iOS was made available, they received a lot of feedback from users to improve the Gmail on iOS experience, such as multiple account support as well customizations. These improvements haven’t been implemented in the app currently, but it’s nice to know Google is listening to iOS users feedback on how to further improve the Gmail on iOS app.

If you own a Gmail account, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t these days, and you’re using an iOS device, then it wouldn’t hurt to give the Gmail on iOS app a spin.

Gmail (FREE) [iTunes Link]

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