ZTE Tania launched in France on SFR, no ZTE branding anywhere to be found

ZTE is a Chinese company that’s in the exact same boat Huawei was in just a few short years ago, and that HTC was in going as far back as the late 1990s. All three of these Asian companies make mobile phones, but their first customers weren’t people, they were the corporations we so lovingly call wireless operators. It took a lot of commitment from HTC to develop their own brand and eventually the Sense UI that differentiates them today in the Android world. The same can be said for Huawei, who just recently announced that they’re going to open up a design shop in London and will be selling their branded devices unlocked in retail stores. ZTE is still a baby in this respect. Today one of their devices, the ZTE Tania (pictured above), is launching in France, but people aren’t going to have the slightest clue who makes the 270 EUR Windows Phone they’re potentially going to purchase. SFR, the operator offering the Tania, is calling the device “The Windows Phone by SFR” (pictured below), which should tell you everything you need to know.

Should Nokia be scared? Windows Phone is after all an operating system that’s so tightly controlled that it’s pretty much impossible to ruin the experience of the OS, even if you tried. Whereas Nokia offers the Lumia 710 for 270 Euros without tax, the ZTE Tania will go for 270 EUR all in, and spec wise it’s both better and worse. It’s better because it has a larger 4.3 inch screen, those seem to be all the rage these days, and it’s worse because it has a slower 1 GHz processor compared to the 1.4 GHz in the Lumia 710. Will consumers care enough about the Nokia brand that they’ll get a Lumia compared to a “Windows Phone by SFT/AT&T/Verizon/etc.”? That remains to be seen.

[Via: Unwired View]

  • wp7 has failed for three years ago wp has got a market share of 7%

    now the market share is under 1%
    6.5 has failed
    KIN has  failed
    wp7 has failed.
    Samsungs own OS Bada Outsells wp7.
    Nokia will fail
    I think with no games and no apps its hard to compete.NO Lte or 4G or Dual core. wp7 is outdated.

    • Dear unenlightened troll:

      WP7 as an operating system has not been out for 3 years, it’s been out for just over 1.

      I’d like to ask you as to why you think that “Nokia will fail”?  The Lumia phones look stunning, and have been gaining a lot of interest in both Europe and the US – not bad for a ‘failing company’.

      “No games and no apps”? Wrong. Xbox Live means games a plenty, and there are now over 40,000 apps.

      “No LTE of 4G or dual core.” LTE and 4G coming soon. Dual core is not needed, WP7 runs smooth on any WP7 handset, due to the strict minimum specs.

      “WP7 is outdated.” And again, wrong. Metro features on Windows 8, aswell as the new-look Xbox Dashboard. Metro is the future, WP7 is too.

      Now please, return to your cave.

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