Android claims 40% of enterprise mobile web traffic

Internet security service provider, Zscaler, recently published some interesting usage data for the last quarter, including some insight into mobile browser usage. Although iOS may be winning device adoption over BlackBerry in businesses, it looks like the majority of Zscaler’s enterprise subscribers that browse the web on smartphones (40.3%) are doing so through an Android device, while BlackBerry claimed 37.26%, and iOS 22.38%. Zscaler further broke down those numbers into geographies; 75.34% of the Android users were from the U.S., followed up by Spain (5.48%), Israel (9.17%), and Singapore (2.76%). Zscaler even drilled down into what kind of sites were being visited, though a lot of the data is incomplete. Among Android enterprise users, 42.9% of browsing fell under the “other” category”, but social networking (16.95%) was top among registered metrics, followed up by professional services (10.55%), and corporate marketing (7.5%).

Though most consumers might be more interested in proper apps than the mobile web, in an enterprise environment, apps are harder to securely roll out and control. It’s not hugely surprising to see social networking taking the lead in web traffic, though iPhone users had a much higher percentage of professional services usage than Android (30.2%).

You can take a look at the full Zscaler report over here.

[via ZDNet]

  • Anonymous

    This is not surprising to me at all it’s pretty clear that android rules without question. People who own android devices can assure them-self’s of a total desk top experience when they surf the web from there android devices. Something that WILL NEVER BE EXPERIENCED ON ANY APPLE DEVICE true internet means android FAKE internet means APPLE ie safri case closed  

  • And this is news, how?  An OS on hundreds of phones?  Really?

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