Samsung Galaxy S II gets Android 2.3.6 update

Samsung Galaxy S II gets Android 2.3.6 update

Samsung has released a new firmware update for its Galaxy S II superphone. The new software makes your thin smartphone run Android 2.3.6, adding new features and fixing some of the known bugs. For instance, the software fixes lockscreen hang bug, introduces some changes on the Camera Interface, increases HSPA connectivity speed (more than 21Mbps?), while making the boot-up faster. Additionally, there are a number of security and performance improvements under the hood.

Now you should bear in mind that not all Galaxy S II versions are affected. As far as I’ve understood, unlocked versions are getting the firmware update while carrier-branded models will still have to wait for the green light from mobile operators. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait for too long to see Android 2.3.6 running on all Galaxy S II flavors sold all around the world.

Now to check whether there’s a new software ready for you, go to “Settings”, “About phone” and then “Check for updates.” It’s pretty easy…

[Via: YouMobile]

  • Jon

    Great NEWS!

  • Dave

    Not available on my unlocked uk handset yet?

  • Dusan@ its available in Indonesia country to?

    • No idea.

    • Boz

      It’s already available but not through kies or OTA though. I updated my SGS II through odin manually and everything is smooth so far.

  • Jon Garrett

    Will I loose Root Access with this update?

    • Jaime Ramirez

      YES U WILL

    • YourDaddy

      Wait for the root version

  • f0X

    How to step for update

  • Mysky911

    hi samsung, where is my 2.3.6??
    Malaysia here still having 2.3.3!!!! 
    tot unlocked version should get it faster than any carrier version…..

  • W-bernt

    I hope that this update will be soon availible in Norway as well

  • Frank sharma

    hey my name iz frank m frm india when will samsung launch there update 2.3.6 in india

  • m

    It’s here this morning for my Sprint Galaxy SII.  No problems.

  • Carl33p

    Just got the auto update from Sprint last night!

  • Cdowgiert

    Heard it got pulled.  I cant get it on my phone today

  • DON”T DO IT!

    Got it in the USA yesterday. Battery life half what it was. Call quality horrible.

  • Bobby Mathews

    Got the update here (India) today! 

  • Yogesh

    Call quality is gone down , Why samsung are doing this ?

  • Digibokvorm

    Update good, very good here in the land of Oz. Call quality has gone up. and yet Yogesh say it gone down? Strange. Up the quality for certain countries?

  • Jamesnbkk

    Got it in Thailand with no problems at all.

  • Andrew

    I don’t like this version either. Speed kinda’ gone down. Hope ICS will come out soon.

  • sean

    how can i tell if i have nromal samsung firmware or 02 firmware on my galaxy s2

  • George P08

    how i update to V2.3.6 on my s2

  • heliflyer09

    Got the upgrade and now my Wi-Fi is no longer working.  I get ‘Error’ when trying to set it up and connect.  No problems ever before!

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