ChuChu Rocket! finally hits the Android Market

ChuChu Rocket! finally hits the Android Market

Not sure why it took so long for Sega to bring its once famous ChuChu Rocket! puzzler to Android. After all, the iOS version was released more than a year ago… Whatever the reason is, we’re glad to see another great game in the Android Market.

Inside the game, your goal is to guide one or more mice (so called ChuChus) around a board into one or more rockets, while avoiding cats (“KapuKapus”). Both the mice and cats move in predictable paths by always turning right when hitting a wall head on, by following corners or by turning around when in a dead end.

Yeah I know it sounds incredibly stupid, but it’s actually pretty addicting. Hence, Sega used to give away the game with every Dreamcast sold…

The price, you ask? It’s 99 cents, which is like nothing for all the entertainment you’ll get in exchange. Hit the link below and take it from there.

ChuChu Rocket! ($0.99) [Android Market link]

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