Australian court extends Samsung Galaxy Tab ban

Samsung was dealt another setback in its attempt to sell the Galaxy Tab in Australia. Instead of launching the Galaxy Tab Friday at 4 pm, the Korean company must now wait until December 9th. It’s a significant setback that’ll cost Samsung a week’s worth of holiday sales.

Earlier this week, the Australian Supreme Court overturned the injunction that banned sales of the tablet device. Apple appealed this decision and, just as Samsung was ready to kick off sales, the Cupertino company was granted a week long extension to argue its case. This delays the Galaxy Tab’s launch by yet another week and leaves Samsung and its customers in the lurch.

This battle over the injunction is crucial to Samsung. The full hearing on the patent infringement claim is scheduled for next Spring, and the injunction prevents Samsung from selling the tablet until that date.  Samsung needs to overturn this injunction now and start selling the Galaxy Tab while the device is still competitive. If its forced to wait until the trial is over, the Galaxy Tab will be obsolete.


  • This is nothing but crap. Apple is just acting stupid and being a bully. They want to squeeze the life out of their competition. They know how important the holiday season is and they want to capitalize on it. I have lost all my respect for Apple, and refuse to buy any of their products, from the iPhone to Mac Book

  • Anonymous

    Funny, Apple used to complain about the antics of Microsoft and now they finally have a market lead in something, they do the same thing – go figure.

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