Samsung holds on to top mobile manufacturer spot in U.S.

comScore has just released some numbers relating to the U.S. wireless market in the three months leading up to October, and Samsung is still on top, claiming 25.5% of all mobile subscribers (among smartphones and otherwise). The numbers haven’t changed too much since their September survey, so there aren’t a lot of surprises.  LG was nexddt up, with 20.6%, followed by Motorola with 13.6%, and Apple with 10.8%. RIM’s handset market share predictably dropped -0.8%, while platform market share dropped 4.6%. Of course, the survey is only taking place in the U.S.; the BlackBerry brand seems to summon up a bit more excitement elsewhere in the world.

Android will soon claim a full half of the U.S. smartphone market, now that it’s sitting at 46.3%, which is up 4.4% since July. Microsoft’s mobile OS is still having trouble gaining traction at 5.4%, while iOS continues to hover around 28.1%.

Seeing as Samsung has landed two Nexus handsets in a row, it’s no surprise to see them doing so well, but with Motorola under Google’s wing, and pumping out some slick-looking hardware like the Droid RAZR, Samsung’s reign may not last. As far as platforms go, it will be awhile before we see RIM making anything resembling a comeback, but it would sure make thing interesting if they did.

Anyhoo, here’s the full chart showing comScore’s latest research results.


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