Yahoo jumps into group messaging with Hub Android app

Yahoo is jumping into the group-messaging game with an Android app called Hub and this will go head-to-head with Facebook Messenger and GroupMe to be the place you go to communicate with your friends on the go.

I downloaded the Yahoo Hub group messaging app and it has a very non-intrusive, minimalist look and feel. It’s quick and easy to add your contacts and shoot off messages for free. Users won’t have to download the app to receive and respond to group messages. In a blog post, Yahoo explained some of the other features in the app:

  • Group Messaging: Enjoy group conversations with several friends at once
  • Local and international SMS messages: Send text messages to other Hub users or any mobile phone for free†
  • Privacy: Easily view and add participants to any conversation thread
  • Message any phone: Your friends can reply with any SMS enabled mobile phone
  • Instant notifications: Get push notifications for incoming messages so you never have to miss a conversation

You can download the Yahoo Hub group messaging app here (Android Market link).

[Via Yahoo]

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