Judge: Apple not threatened by Samsung Galaxy devices

Late last week, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh recently denied Apple’s request for an injunction against Samsung. On Monday, the reasons behind her decision became publicly available when court documents were accidentally released without redaction. Reuters was able to obtain a copy of these documents before they were pulled down.

According to the documents, Koh reportedly believes Samsung products do not threaten Apple’s iPhone or iPad. Koh sees Samsung’s success as negatively impacting other Android manufacturers, not Apple. She cites a study conducted by Apple that shows most Apple users will remain loyal to the brand and not switch to a Samsung device. If the continued sales of the Galaxy devices won’t irreparably harm Apple, then there’s no reason for a ban.

Other parts of the document suggest Apple is licensing patents to both IBM and Nokia and that Apple offered Samsung a royalty license early in negotiations. This offer was made six months before Apple filed its first lawsuit against the Korean company. Presumably, Samsung turned this offer down and now finds itself in the midst of a legal battle with Apple.

[Via Reuters]


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