T-Mobile Galaxy S II is the best smartphone T-Mobile offers

T-Mobile Galaxy S II is the best smartphone T-Mobile offers

Few days ago one of our readers sent me a question, asking me which is the best device in T-Mobile’s portfolio. I immediately responded – Samsung Galaxy S II.

First of all, T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II is pretty much the fastest Galaxy S II out there. Sure there’s AT&T’s Skyrocket version that sings along LTE, but as you probably know – LTE signal isn’t available everywhere. What’s more, even if you get it and presuming you’re in the area where both AT&T’s LTE and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ signals are rock solid – you would hardly notice a difference. T-Mobile’s version of Sammy’s superphone supports download speeds of up to 42 Mbps!

Moreover, this particular Galaxy S II sports Qualcomm’s (rather than Samsung’s) dual-core processor that clocks at 1.5GHz, which is faster than my “plain vanilla” version that “stops” at 1.2GHz.

Finally, it has a bigger screen – that’s 4.52 vs 4.3 inches of the regular Galaxy S II. Of course, it’s still Super AMOLED Plus with WVGA resolution, making sure the colors are vivid even under direct sunlight.

Unfortunately (or not, depending on your point of view), the T-Mobile Galaxy S II is only available in the U.S… but that’s another story.

  • Alex_rohilla

    how much it costs?

    • Sheridanm38

      im going to get mine tomorrow im so excited i feel like alittle kid lol with my upgrade im gonna pay outta pocket $320 with $50 mail in rebate well worth it i think. good luck

  • Rtstry

    I just bought one, having lot’s of fun, have to get used to it, but I like it.  I got the black one, with a beautiful “royal blue” jell cover to frame it, and I went with the Zagg screen protector.

  • Ruben Cruz

    En cuanto me sale para una linea nueva

  • Amaalza108

    I would like one but how do I go about to get international service to Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile and, Colombia and of course US.

  • cesarjc

    what u can say about android 4.0 on a galaxy sll?? can we update the android 2.3.6 for 4.0?

  • The S3 is not as fast as Exynos, you have to do your research not just regurgitate information you saw on their site

  •  i have a new galaxy  s2 and its the best cell i ever had , faster and nicer there so many thinks i can do with this phone the sistem runs so fast and the  pic are so good and clear.  
    es la mejor compra el galaxy S 2 muy bonito rapido fotos preciosas de 1 al 10 le doy 10 me encanta puerto rico

    • hi  i looking  for  galaxy     so if u have any  one  plases   call me  253 228 3357   u have nice day

  • CJE

    I have the Galaxy S II, can anyone tell me how to do the voice chat on it? Thanks for the info

    • Saundra

       Download app. Google skyvi and download .. select, android device!

  • Ncecich252047

    i just ordered it a few days ago and was informed it is on backorder… has this happened to anyone else? how long do you think it will be?

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