Verizon Galaxy Nexus arrives in stores – Still just a tease

While we’re pretty much in love with the GSM version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there’s still no official US release date and not many people are willing to throw down $750+ for it. As you may all know at this point, the Galaxy Nexus’ first stop will be a Verizon Wireless and it looks like units are beginning to arrive in the house of Big Red.

Units have began to arrive in stores today, and the picture above is just a small glimpse of the retail packaging, which varies from the GSM version. This isn’t all that surprising, as we already know Verizon has weaseled in some bloatware applications into the handset.

The biggest advantage to having the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is that it will be rocking 4G/LTE, offering some very fast and almost unnecessary data speeds for a mobile phone. Because the device supports LTE you can expect the Galaxy Nexus to be slightly thicker and to have a bigger battery. Whether or not the bigger battery will really help much, it’s certainly hard to complain about. Still, heavy usage of the GSM variant will result in some dramatic battery loss if you have the screen up to full brightness and the thought of putting LTE into this handset is a bit scary.

The guys over at Droid-Life have gotten word that the Galaxy Nexus will launch on December 9th and given that we’re already seeing the handset in Verizon stores, it’s a believable claim. If this date turns out to be true, you’ll be able to walk into a Big Red store this Friday to grab your very own Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

While you’re waiting for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus to be released, feel free to check out our review of the GSM version here.

[Via: XDA, Droid-Life]

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