HTC’s November sales decline 30 percent

HTC just reported a pretty lackluster quarter. The company’s sales declined 30 percent in November alone. The Taiwanese company is in a serious battle against Apple and Samsung to claim the world’s top smartphone brand.

Now without getting to far into the financials, HTC’s consolidated sales for November fell to T$30.94 billion ($US 1.03 billion) from T$38.48 billion a year ago and T$44.11 billion in October 2011. Explaining the potential reason behind this decline, John Strand, founder of Danish mobile industry consultancy Strand Consult said:

“Apple fans want the new iPhone model. HTC customers do not have the same desire for the next HTC phone. They need to reinvent themselves. It is difficult for consumers to see what they get if they buy a new HTC phone”

I’m not sure if I agree with his point entirely, but I will say you don’t have to be economics major to understand the huge decline here. It’s no secret that the company has recieved some fierce competition from Apple, but more from Samsung when it comes to making Android handsets. A year ago HTC was the top dog when it came to Android devices now it’s in danger of falling way behind Samsung. Even Google has shifted away from HTC, just look at the last couple of Nexus devices – they’re all made by Samsung.

[via Reuters]

  • Mr. Bill

    Well if the crappy Nexus One(all 6 of them) I had to endure for almost 2 years is any indication, I can see why their sales are dropping. My new Samsung Galaxy SII is only a month old and I haven’t had to return it yet. I had been through 3 Nexus Ones in the first month. No more HTC phones for me.

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