Popular Android apps now selling for 10-cents in the Android Market

Great news for you Android fans out there. The search giant has decided the Android Market should have a slew of some of the most popular apps for just 10 cents. Why, you ask? No one knows. When I woke up this morning I noticed a banner in the Market that said “10 Days of Offers Top Premium Apps: 10 cent Per App,” but I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to see what was available until now.

The list of apps include the following:

As you can see above the list is pretty impressive. I’m not sure how Google is coordinating this thing, but keep your eyes peeled as to what apps appear in the list daily, and even if the sale doesn’t last more than a day, these deals are worth taking advantage of. When it comes to those of you oversees, the folks over at Android Central were able to notice users in the UK are getting the apps for 10p each, not 6p, which would be converted from 10 cents U.S. I have hunch that Google is starting to ratchet up more promotions to compete against Amazon’s Appstore.



  • Anonymous

    Nice to see the Android Market competing with Amazon App store, can only be good for the consumer. Although as usual in the UK we still pay more 🙁

  • Manolosalinas200

    the 10 cent deal it´s working even in South America yeahhhh!! thanks Google

  • Suza Adam

    The Andriot market tells me You don’t have any devices.
    What do I do

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