Exmobaby PJs let you monitor your baby wirelessly

AT&T and Exmovere today announced a pretty neat way of keeping an eye out on your baby and the Exmobaby PJ’s have some cool features which allow parents the ability to see icons representing their baby’s heartbeat, emotional state and activity level on their cell phones. Both Ma Bell and the smart garments maker came to an agreement to wirelessly enable Exmovere’s patented biosensor baby pajamas.

Discussing the company’s decision to team up with Exmovere, Glenn Lurie, president of emerging devices, AT&T said:

“Providing parents and caregivers access to real-time baby monitoring and special alerts through a wirelessly connected device should help deliver unprecedented peace of mind.” He continued saying “It  meets the needs of today’s parents and caregivers who want to stay connected to their children, their well being, and what’s happening around them, especially when it comes to newborns.”

The way these special PJ’s work is by transmitting at regular intervals to the parent’s computer, tablet and smartphone and is used to interpret the baby’s emotional states and behavior, transmitting alerts to parents and caregivers when their babies require attention or care. The pajamas operate wirelessly, so it sure beats the hell out of those old school walkie talkie-style baby monitors.

But in all seriousness, this is an innovative tool for parents who want to a keep better eye on their child. As a parent myself I can’t tell you how paranoid I was about sleep apnea, choking and other dangers that relate to SIDS. If I had an infant, I would probably buy these PJ’s, would you?

[via AT&T, photo via Shutterstock, Denys Kurbatov]

  • MarcieD

    David Bychkov and Exmovere are being investigated by the federal authorities for selling unregistered stock. I think maybe Ma Bell ought to be made aware of that fact.

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