Box boosts iOS app with better photos, offline mode

If you signed up for the Box iOS app to get that free 50 GB of storage, you should be on the lookout for an update today because it will make your cloud-storage app better to use.

According to the company, the new iOS app for iPhone and iPad includes:

Video and Photo Upload: We’ve added the ability to create new folders and upload videos and photos to your Box account directly from your iPhone or iPad. This makes it simple to share files fast when you’re on the go and keep all your content organized – and safely stored – on Box. Certain workers, like those on a construction site, can use this feature to update the home office instantly with images of site progress.

Full-Text Search: To help you access all that content quickly from your phone or tablet, we’ve also added full-text search to the app. Locate individual files or folders in just a few taps, helping you quickly find exactly what file you need from wherever you are – even if you’re collaborating with hundreds of colleagues on terabytes of information.

Favorites for Offline: And for all those road warriors, you can now mark individual files or even whole folders as favorites for offline access. This will allow you to open them at any time, even when there’s no Internet connection available (you’ll also be able to browse the All Files tab any time). If you’re one of the many Box customers that loves being able to access important content from the road, this feature will make sure you’ll always have those files on hand, no matter what.

If I know Box, these improvements will soon come to the other platforms and to the mobile web version. You can download the app here from iTunes.

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