Leaked BlackBerry Torch 9810 OS includes mobile hotspot

Following up on the recent leak of a BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS with a new mobile hotspot feature, another build for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 has recently found its way into the wild. After sideloading it through the BlackBerry desktop software, you would be able to share your HSPA+ connection with up to 5 nearby gadgets over Wi-Fi, which is something most smartphones have been doing for years now, but RIM’s still playing catch-up.

The BlackBerry Torch 9810 launched over the summer on AT&T, and the AWS-compatible version recently found its way to Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, and T-Mobile. It’s fairly high-end by RIM’s standards, even though the exterior of the device looks pretty much identical to the Torch 9800 launched last summer. Take a look at my full review here.

In order to get the new OS loaded up, first make sure you have OS installed first, then download over here and install through the BlackBerry Desktop software. Remember, this isn’t officially supported, so you’re on your own with support with this one. It sure would be a nice holiday gift if RIM rolled out this feature across their new devices this month…

[via OSBB]

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