Nokia Lumia 710 hits the FCC with T-Mobile branding

Nokia Lumia 710 hands-on

Well, it looks like T-Mobile has just tipped its hand about what people should expect for next weeks press event. In a FCC filing the fourth largest US carrier revealed a new device, the Nokia Lumia 710. This is interesting because it was expected that Nokia wouldn’t release the handset in the US. The phone runs T-Mo’s AWS bands and includes the following specs:

  • 480 x 800 pixels, 3.7 inches screen
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS
  • Gorilla Glass screen
  • 8 GB storage, 512 MB RAM
  • 5 MP rear-facing camera with autofocus, and LED flash
  • 720p@30fps recording
  • 1.4 GHz Scorpion CPU, Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon

I’m sure this isn’t exactly what T-Mo customers want – most people want to see the Lumia 800 – but they’ll have to settle with this instead. The question is, will this be the phone that’s highlighted in T-Mobile and Nokia’s press event next week? I sure hope not… This isn’t exactly a top-of-the-line device; in fact, it’s just another HTC Radar with a tiny bump in specs. Regardless, Windows Phone and Nokia are making a huge push in hopes of finishing the year off strong as it prepares for 2012. If you’re on T-Mobile would you pick up this latest Windows Phone/Nokia offering?

[FCC via TmoNews]


  • Gregory C Newman

    a phone carrier has to have phones to sell to customers who can buy high end expensive smart phones and to those who cannot spend 200$ for a smart phone with a 2 year contract Android and Apple will have low cost  smartphones for sale to entry level or customers who do not have a budget that can afford expensive smart phones therefore this is a good move for T-mobile, now Americans can buy and try a Nokia Windows phone 7 smartphone that will work well and delight them without going to the poor house

    • Velahan

      I agree, but at the same time Windows Phones need an exciting catch to intrigue buyers. 

      Cutting edge hardware gets customer attention and press while software keeps the adopters.  Windows needs an infusing of attention more than anything, meaning, at this time, Windows needs some slick hardware to stand out.

  • Wp7 the biggest fail ever.

    Even Samsunga Bada Outsells wp7.


    • AS147

      And here you are again, saying the same thing each time. Get a life chum. Doesn’t it seem a bit sad that you get everywhere and offer nothing new. I have seen a few trolls but you are certainly one of the biggest

  • Velahan

    I would love to get a new Windows phone, but when are we going to get the ‘wow’ factor?  With boring specs and big brother 800 out there, purchasing a 710 would be a disappointing amusement, provoking thoughts such as: 

    “Wow I’ve got a new phone, but wait, it’s actually not that great.”  “Look at this shiny gorilla glass, but hey, where’s the front facing camera?”  “Great now I can load all my music on it… oh..sigh.. it has measly storage.”   “Look at this modern Metro grid design.. but why doesn’t the body of the device accentuate the internal design?”Oh Microsoft, we want to love your underdog phones, but seriously, where’s your flagship device?  Where is your phone that hits the front pages of every tech blog?  Where is our ‘wow’? 

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