Pope Benedict XVI lights up a Christmas tree using Sony Tablet S

Pope Benedict XVI clearly embraces new technology, especially tablets. He sent out his first tweet earlier this year using an Apple iPad and he recently lit a Christmas tree completely made up of lights using a Sony Tablet S. The gigantic tree of lights can easily be spotted on Mount Ingino in Gubbio, Italy.

Apparently, the pope was originally supposed to use an iPad to complete yet another task, but ended up making a switch to Android. Of all tablets — Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola Xoom, Kindle Fire, etc. — why was a Sony Tablet S chosen? Nothing against Sony or its tablets, but it’s not exactly mainstream.

Nonetheless, check out video of the ceremony below with the pope’s hip new gadget.

[Via Mashable]

  • Computercollective

    DORK the “S”is a SONY Please find a new job and may it not be in reporting

  • Putting up a Christmas tree during the holidays can be both fun and daunting. For some of us, making the tree stunning and beautiful can be a bit of a challenge.

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