iPhone 2 – what’s that all about?

iPhone 2 - what's that all about?

Again and again I respond to questions my friends have about mobile technology. One of them is “what is the iPhone 2?”. That’s somewhat tricky.

On one hand, you could think that’s the original iPhone which didn’t support 3G connectivity. In that sense some folks referred to it as iPhone 2G, hinting it’s different than the iPhone 3G.

On the other hand, iPhone 3G is the second smartphone announced by Apple and that makes it iPhone 2.

However, the best answer is – forget about it. There’s no such thing as iPhone 2 and even if such a device exists, you wouldn’t want it anyway. Go for the iPhone 4S instead. Consequently, we may end-up referring to iPhone 4S as iPhone 5 if Apple decides to call its next smartphone iPhone LTE. After all it is the fifth mobile phone Apple has made. You see how complicated this could end-up? 😉

So don’t even think about the iPhone 2 and iPhone 5, and concentrate on the current model instead – that’s iPhone 4S. Or if you don’t have enough money and still want an Apple logo on the back of your phone – grab the iPhone 4.

  • Anonymous

    If someone really want something that look like a iPhone 2 they can get a 3GS. 

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