YouMail is back in Android Market, T-Mobile isn’t to blame

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YouMail has returned to the Android Market after previously being yanked out because of a T-Mobile complaint. While there were some concerns about why it was pulled, it turns out the story is more complicated than maybe YouMail was trying to portray it.

Yesterday we reported that the app had been removed because T-Mobile said it was causing “adverse network disruption.” YouMail CEO Alex Quilici was nothing short of frustrated and he decided to let all of his anger out on YouMail’s Tumblr blog. He claimed T-Mobile never got in touch with him to solve any problems upfront and he also slammed the carrier by claiming its voicemail offering is far inferior to YouMail.

In a new blog post today, YouMail explains the problem that has been identified and rectified:

It looks like 15,000 users who went straight from 1.8.3 (an old version) to 2.0.45 (the one that was in the market and was taken down) got into a situation where the app is polling our servers continuously (the polling time got set to zero). Of course, this leads to a host of issues for those clients … T-Mobile saying that we disrupted their network is fair, though we were unknowingly causing that.

The team also admits that T-Mobile had in fact reached out to them about a month ago but the message was sent to a support email address, which YouMail says got “lost in the shuffle.” So basically, YouMail was angry because its app got pulled because it wasn’t working as it was supposed to and it didn’t heed a warning. Yeesh.

At least it didn’t take long for the issue to be resolved and both parties to be happy. You can find YouMail in the Android Market as well as on other platforms.

  • Since YouMail hasn’t worked properly in months, it hardly matters if the app is yanked or not.

  • Silver I completely agree with you and the same thing I want to share as YouMail hasn’t worked for me as well.

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