Nationwide ban on cell phone use while driving could become a reality soon

The National Transportation Safety Board is proposing a strict ban on any type of cell phone use while driving and this may make it illegal to use your cell phone while operating a vehicle.

Car crashes related to distraction were the cause of death for over 3,000 people in the United States this year, and the NTSB wants to save as many as possible in the future. Whether it’s texting, calling, or even operating a phone hands-free, the nationwide ban would prohibit all of it. Chairman of NTSB Deborah Hersman speaks strongly about the issue at hand:

“When it comes to using electronic devices, it may seem like it’s a quick call or a quick text or a tweet, but accidents happen in the blink of an eye. No emails, no texts, no calls. It’s worth a human life.”

Many states already have laws in place that make talking on the phone or text messaging while driving illegal, but none go as far as to ban hands-free use. Out of all the types of communication, texting is probably the most dangerous because not only is the driver distracted, but the focus is completely taken off of the road. Talking on a cell phone and hands-free communication is better because the driver’s eyes are still on the road, but it’s still a serious hazard due to distraction.

Presently, Congress did not show heavy interest in banning cell phone use while driving, however the National Transportation Safety Board maintains its recommendation could keep thousands of drivers safer on the road.

What do you think?

[via Reuters]

  • Whatsyuours

    “it may make it illegal to use your car while driving.”

  • RJB

    so why is this even news…people should not be using this in the car anyway…it’s worse than drinking or when someone is putting makeup in the car while driving….that’s the problem now with the world. it’s not just us we should be concerned with when we are driving there is people with children…babies being rushed to the hospital and such….

  • Kiwassa1

    I think it is imperative there should be a ban on using your cell phone while driving, period.  It’s dangerous and equal to drinking and driving!

  • Kbaker4010

    What did we do before cell phones?  If we had to call home we would find the nearest pay phone.
    We need to stop this now.  If you need to call someone stay home and call.  people can not open the car door before calling someone. If it get worse, the radio in car will be banned. 

  • So, somehow 3000 people who died is a ratio justifiable to ban cellphone use, even with a headset in the car, in a country with 310 MILLION. The amount of people who die per year is LESS THAN 1% and I particularly dont like government taking baby steps to ban the use and say “Sure you can use a headset” then a few years later ban it completely. This is how police states start. Take away something (regardless if it saves lives) then say you can have conditions to use it, then get everyone okay with that aspect then to completely take it all away. While they are at it, why not take away the right to bear arms, oh wait, they did. Why not take away right to protest, oh wait they did. Just saying 3000 people is NOT worth 310 Million people.

  • If they are going to ban complete phone use in the car, then they need to ban smoking, listening to the radio, drinking a soda, eating, putting on make up, talking to the passengers, and anything else that “can” be distracting, regardless if it actually is or not. Since some of you want to liken  talking on the phone as being dangerous as drinking and driving – you should all be on board to ban ANY AND ALL distractions in the car. Say bye bye to your ipod playing in the car too.

  • Rauren Jackman

    This law, if passed will be ignored just like most laws congress is passing these days. Here in WA State we have a ban, but very few actually follow it and the same will be all over the nation. The tighter the rules and regulations are the more they’ll be tossed aside by the average joe.

  • RTP

    I fully agree with the limitations on texting and maual calls, I’ve been using bluetooth for about as long as the technology has been available, without any accidents.  Admittaly, I’ve had to make some quick steering adjustments while not on bluetooth as their are distractions involved.  Other then  texting or manual calls I see no value in the added proposed restrictions except to create/expand another another useless government agency.

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