Top failures of 2011

Top failures of 2011

As the year comes to an end, we decided to wrap up with several “top 2011” posts. Today we’re presenting you with top failures of the year.

In no particular order, here are the entrants for the infamous “Top failures of 2011” list:



We’re sorry to see HP failing to meet expectations. They were super bullish when they acquired Palm, with the idea to mimic Apple’s iPhone success. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we had a chance to play with the Palm/HP Veer, Pre 3 and the TouchPad, none of which managed to capture customer’s hearts and minds. It seems to me HP failed to execute on its plans and we had to wait for too long for the official launch of the first webOS 3.0 device. What’s more, they also failed to attract major global operators on board, resulting in sluggish sales.

At the end, HP said it will continue to make the TouchPad tablets, presuming to provide support for potential developers, which may jump on board now that webOS is an open-source project.



The Finnish giant went through quite a year. Its new CEO changed the course of the company, effectively dumping two platforms – Symbian and MeeGo, first of which was Nokia’s cash cow for the past few years. Instead, they adopted Windows Phone, getting some serious cash from Microsoft in exchange. As I’m writing this, stock holders aren’t seeing any benefits from the change but the hope is that once first Nokia Windows Phones hit the stores around the globe, the sales will return. And while the Lumia 800 is apparently selling like hot cupcakes on a cold winter day, we’re not sure that’s enough to satisfy the ever-greedy share owners. Next year may easily be crucial for the company…



The first and most-likely the only MeeGo-powered device was released this year – Nokia N9. However, the Finnish company doesn’t seem committed to drive this project forward, prompting Intel to react with the statement it will pursue MeeGo even without Nokia. And when we know Intel already tried that out with its Moblin platform, we can’t help but conclude that these may be MeeGo’s last days. Sure, the N9 rocks — it has an awesome UI and it’s pretty slick. However, without a major handset maker on board, there’s only so much Intel can do about it. And so far all other major players seem focused on other platforms, most notably Android and Windows Phone.

To make things even worse for the MeeGo’s prospects, the Nokia N9 is super expensive. It costs more than 600 EUR, which is a lot of money considering its hardware — the same cash get you a faster device equipped with a dual-core processor.

Sony Ericsson

Sony Eriscsson

Sony Ericsson was the only major handset maker that hasn’t launched smartphone with dual-core processor this year. We’ve seen that Xperia Duo and Xperia Arc HD from “in the wild” photos and as far as we know that could be the same device. However, it wasn’t announced yet and I’m afraid we’ll have to wait for early next year to see the first dual-core smartphone from Sony Ericsson officially announced. The company will most likely use the upcoming CES in Las Vegas or Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to unveil the new phone.

This failure to execute most likely made Sony buyout Ericsson and starting from the middle of 2012, new Android smartphones will only wear the Sony brand. Hopefully this will also mean that the new company will be faster to bring new products to the market. We’ll see…

BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook

Finally, RIM’s first tablet was at one point touted as the iPad killer. Needless to say they failed miserably having moved a symbolic number of units. Developers didn’t (and still don’t) like it, too, prompting the Canadian company to allow Android apps to run on the PlayBook. I won’t go in details here, Simon knows much better about “everything BlackBerry” and I’m sure those of you caring about the subject followed the demise of RIM’s tablet from his posts.

Now I’m eager to hear your thoughts. Have I missed some company or product? Do you think someone else deserved a place on the Top failures list?

  • Well, I have to disagree with you on some points in your article, especially the Nokia and MeeGo fails. First of all Nokia did not dump Symbian nor did they dump MeeGo. MeeGo is still on focus as an experimental OS, while Symbian will be supported(and I quote Nokia here) at least until 2016. They will be focusing on WP for now, but keep developing Symbian through Accenture as a life jacket. Rest assured that if Symbian will continue selling like it does now after the release of Belle, they will keep developing Symbian for many years to come.
    Let’s get back to WP now: Nokia does one thing better than any manufacturer and that is AMAZING hardware. With the OS development in the hands of MS, they can create even better devices, so I expect them to release more stunning devices in the years to come. 2011 was a hiccup in Nokia’s revival strategy. A few announcements made too early were misinterpreted by the press that proclaimed Symbian and MeeGo dead. Time will show that Nokia is in no way dead or completely dependent of MS.

    • quintus murray

      Here is a thought STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR LOSERS DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!! Nokia’s symbian was bad all 2011 phones except lumia sucked. MEEGO was a huge failure end of story grow a brain before spamming intomobile with fanboy bullshit. Stop making excuses for symbian and nokia they sucked hard

      • Wow! Dumbass? That’s refreshing. Thank you for your kind comment sir! You obviously never tried MeeGo nor Belle. I don’t know your definition of fanboyism but I tend to believe only people with arguments better than “All phones sucked”. Nokia is still the biggest manufacturer on the market and Symbian is still the most widespread mobile OS. I’m not saying they did not make mistakes, they did, but your attitude is just obnoxious.

      • Trick

        Here’s a thought STOP BEING SUCH AN OBNOXIOUS PRICK!!!!!!!!!!! and leave the thinking to people with a brain.

        And when it comes to sucking hard, you’re clearly a master.

  • philly nomagic

    nokia’s brand is so twentieth century and it reminds me of all the feature phones. if you don’t mind to embarrass yourself in front of all your gadget loving friends , then go ahead and make yourself a laughing stock !!

  • XGP09


  • Maxim

    Hehe… “Time will show that Nokia is in no way dead or completely dependent of MS.”

    That’s Funny. It’s 2013, and how did the story ended? Microsoft just bought Nokia. Yet, its was totally expected. Apple already had it’s hardware and soft controlled. Rim also made the phone the blackberry OS, Google bought Motorola and so, Microsoft needed it’s mobile broadband to.

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