Danske Bank: Nokia likely to sell their smartphone unit to Microsoft during the first half of 2012

Danske Bank, Denmark’s largest bank, has issued a report saying that Nokia will sell their smartphone unit to Microsoft during the first half of 2012. Aleksi Moisio, who reported this story in the Finnish news publication Taloussanomat, reminded me that “this rumor has been out there around for quite some time,” which leads me to believe that Danske Bank either knows something we don’t or they’re talking out of their ass. Nokia spokesperson Mona Kokkonen has of course denied the rumor, but that’s not really all too surprising for a rumor of this magnitude. Now assuming the deal does go through, what does Microsoft do with the Nokia brand? Do they sell Windows Phones as Microsoft Windows Phones or Nokia Windows Phones? Also, how will HTC and Samsung, both of which manufacture Windows Phones, feel about competing with the company that also licenses them software? Oh and one more thing, last month we reported that Nokia was going to introduce a Windows 8 tablet during the summer of 2012. Would Microsoft seriously start competing against other PC vendors such as ASUS, HP, and Lenovo?

On the flip side there’s Nokia’s logistical nightmares. Stephen Elop has already said that the company will invest more in feature phones than they ever have before, so does that mean Nokia will now associate themselves as the low cost device vendor of choice? If so then how are they going to compete with the likes of Huawei and ZTE, who are arguably doing a better job at making smartphones that cost less than $150?

Before you scroll down to the bottom of this article and leave me a nasty comment, stop and think for a second. When rumors first started flying around the internets that Nokia was going to partner with Microsoft, nearly everyone said that was never going to happen. That such a thing would be impossible. Now look, the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 are already selling in a handful of countries.

  • Anonymous

    “Before you scroll down to the bottom of this article and leave me a nasty comment, stop and think for a second.” 

    LAME POST ! ! 

  • hatersontherocks

    google would buy it if nokia offered to sell it to them ha

    • Oh it seems to go so bad for Nokia

  • Anonymous

    elop the traitor has succeded in this goal!

  • Question to the Author

    Do you think NOK or MSFT would benefit from acquiring RIMM?

    • Anonymous

      Microsoft would.

  • Ultra

    And the best past of it is that we all knew it! 😀

    • Ultra

      the best part not past LOL 😛

  • Anonymous

    Why would Microsoft do such a foolish thing? They now have it all… Nokia desperately trying to sell their OS in a market where hardware makers will suffer. They have OS and money to tweak it. Whether Nokia survives this last charge of the light brigade is no consequence to Microsoft, others will pickup their OS. It might even be beneficial for Microsoft that early adopters like Nokia fail to the wayside.

    • With only 1% of the U.S. market for wp7, maybe they have to do something…

  • Red777

    But who would have thought Google would be so dumb as to buy Motorola, but it did, and Larry way overpaid while he was at it.  So while it makes no strategic sense, Microsoft is prone to do really dumb things as well (remember the bid for Yahoo — Balmer was only lucky that Yang was even dumber then Balmer was).

    So shit (and dumb things) does happen.

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