Mindjet launches an Android app

Mindjet for Android

After launching an iOS app, it’s only natural to follow-up with its Android counterpart. Mindjet is taking this “obvious” route, allowing the growing number of Android smartphone and tablet owners to make and manage mind maps while on the go, or from the comfort of their sofa.

Available as a free download, Mindjet’s Android app comes with such features as topic creation, zoom, topic markers, as well as drag and drop interaction with map topics. Additionally, users are able to add notes to topics, export maps as image or text files, and the app also supports keyboard and/or gesture shortcuts, depending whether your phone has a QWERTY keyboard or not.

All in all, Mindjet suggests their mobile baby is best used for brainstorming, project management, taking notes on a meeting, organizing ideas, and for informing and aligning teams…

Again, it’s a free download and definitely worth checking out, especially for those of you already using Mindjet’s software on their computers.

Mindjet (FREE) [Android Market link]

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