Netflix unveils new iPad app

The Netflix app for the iPad has been updated with a significant user interface overhaul similar to what was launched on Android last month. Now you can see twice as many shows on the screen at once, while still getting easy access to what you’ve recently been watching, suggested titles, and the usual genre browsing and search. You’ll need iOS 5 loaded up in order to enjoy the spiffy new app, but in addition to the update, Netflix has opened up their apps to Latin America.

While these upgrades are awesome, I’m sad to see that there’s still no Netflix app for the BlackBerry PlayBook, which is my current go-to tablet. ¬†Streaming video is one of the few consistent use cases I have for tablets of any variety, and with Netflix being among the top picks in that category, it’s hard to get by without some app love. Maybe I should get around to jailbreaking my PlayBook and see if a download from the Android Market will do the trick…

The link to the new version of Netflix for the iPad is available below, just remember that you need to pay $8/month for the subscription, but trust me – it’s worth it.


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