HTC Wildfire S gets Android 2.3.5 update along with Sense 2.1

HTC Wildfire S gets Android 2.3.5 update along with Sense 2.1

Well what do you know – HTC released the Android 2.3.5 update for its low-end Wildfire S smartphone. Along with the latest version of Gingerbread, there’s also the new Sense software (version 2.1), which mimics some of the aspects of the Sense UI on the HTC Sensation. However, you shouldn’t expect all of the features since there’s not enough horse power under the Wildfire S’ hood. There is the new interactive lock screen as well as few other graphic changes and that’s about it.

The update is said to be rolling out across Europe as we speak and if you still haven’t got it, you can manually check – hit “Settings,” “About phone” and the “Software updates.” From here you’ll be able to see whether a new firmware version is available to download. Make sure you’re in a fast hotspot when updating the phone so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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  • Oliberchtold

    Hi, got the update on Desire HD last Tuesday evening… (in Switzerland, unbranded)

    • Patjas

      Available in India. Got it yesterday

  • paul

    got mine today (united kingdom)for wildfire s,unbranded,apps seem to load quicker you can notice the difference

    • Matt

      how come i can’t get the update? i have 65mb internal memory, i live in UK, Kent. i tried about 12 times today all diffrent times… can you maybe help? or anyone please. 

  • Viraj

    can someone tell when it will be released in india please!!!!!!!!!!

    • Abhishek

      Yes Viraj, it has been released in India…i just now got my update in Delhi.

      • Viraj

        ok cool thnx hope il get it soon cause i havn’t got till now 🙁

    • got the update. downloading it actually

  • Andrei

    No update in Romania :/

  • Jjeahh

    & no update in Slovakia :/

  • hjuheighe

    No update in Ireland -.- Annoying to say the least

    • Viraj

      You will need atleast 45 mb of internal space for the update to come up. My advise – first factory reset the phone and then check for updates. It would Surely Come

  • Ferdine Silva

    Got update its awesome…. I love this….

  • Awaishamid555

    HEY bro i m from pakistan… i have htc wildfire s… but when i try to update is say there is no update available after online checking,,,, kindly help me i shal b thankful to u 🙂

  • Alex

    No update in the UK, network 3

    • Ismi

      Yep. Same, UK B’ham… still haven’t got it

  • Guest

    I’m from Finland and I got the update. But. I cannot install it because my SD memory card is in “only reading” position… And have no idea how to change this.

  • Yprockz_94

    INDIA… 🙂

    connected to my Wi-Fi.. and got the notification to Update to 2.3.5… Updated it by downloading some 45mb… AND its amazinggggggggg…!!

  • Wasi 89

    did u ppl ever faced any problem related to signal??? i am facing this problem a lot. signals went out suddenly and then come again. some tym frnds calls me and find my cell off but it isnt off in actual. i have bought brand new sim card bt facing same issue.

  • Reymdelacruz18

    Still no updates here in the Philippines .. I’m hoping that this will be soon be available..!!

  • Gameonline786

    yo mahn 2.3.5 is amazing…………

  • the phone acts much better, and I don’t know if anybody realizes that the sound is even better…or is it just me 🙂

  • Nramstein

    When I finished downloading the software updates, i’m getting the error ‘variant system version’ .
     Can anyone help?

  • Andrei

    Got it 😀

  • kyrie

    Still waiting here in the Philippines… I need the memory boost ^_^

  • Elld2010

    The update isnt even coming up on the check manually help please 

  • sanket

    loving it… thanks for More 45 MB nice GUI

  • Saro04

    The update is pretty good but the only thing is that you have to put every app in circle to activate when the screen is in lock, specially when you get calls from your colleagues you have the option of answer or decline and drag them to the circle to answer or decline unlike just tapping it down like the last version and also when the music is playing in background you would only get small image of the music that is playing which typically sucks, would look good with some big fitted picture. 

  • Daniel

    I’m in the Philippines, and still no update to 2.3.5

  • Suds

    2.3.5 is good has enhanced screen lock system somewhat similar to HTC chacha and yes the sound output quality has also enhanced!!!

  • On Orange in UK, update applied after some housekeeping to give it enough free space.

  • On Orange in UK, update applied after some housekeeping to give it enough free space.

  • Ramageclan

    the new lock screen looks like its been designed by a homosexual 

  • zico martin

    Just updated to this on my daughet’s orange wildfire but ever sense she can no longer get the ‘little keyboard’ up to input text when composing messages.  anybody any ideas how to solve this?

  • zico martin

    sorry i think i rushed that, i’ll try again!

    Just updated to this on my daugher’s orange wildfire but ever since she can no longer get the ‘little keyboard’ up to input text when composing messages.  anybody any ideas how to solve this? 

  • Ligrev

    updated to 2.3.5. It got slower and the weather animation became polygons. annoying. any solutions?

    • Ravi

      @ Ligrev Hi, Well, to solve animation become polygons PROBLEM , just press and hold the HTC clock widget
      and remove it. Now add it again from the widgets menu, and this time,
      when setting it up, there is a prompt screen asking you whether you want
      full screen animation or not… Just leave it unticked, and viola, no
      more homescreeen weather animation!

      (You can also long press and drag the widget into the settings icon, and
      configure it from there, but the first one always seems easier to me!) AND 2ND problem (got slow ) u can revert your last old version, u may meet  htc customer care persons , OR search on google to solve ,@TO ALL MOBILE USER WHEN DO ANY CHANGE IN PHONE LIKE UPDATE MUST DO BACKUP , ENJOYYYYYYYY>>>>>>> 

  • adrian bland

    how do i download this update , when i click on the download box it just seems to take me back to where i started .  this is doin  my head in all i wanna do is update my phone and i`m just goin round in circles

  • cellcare vinoth

    ya ok goood

  • aronguan80

    not out for australia yet

  • Inocent_sheri

    n0o update in Pakistan br0o yet =(

  • Apikhanghouri

    how can i update to 2.3.5 any one tell me plzz.

  • Nathankmcneill


  • Anonymous

    I’m glad I spotted this article I had no knowledge of this update, I have done the update gingerbread 2.3.5 and sense 2.1 both successfully  

  • Meronam

    my mobile doesnt show the update ….is there any ways to update it…and i am from nepal

  • Saquresh

    getting error ‘Variant system softare’ during upgrade & terminates.

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