BBM Music 1.1 Beta offers Canadians subscription gifting

The open beta for BBM Music is being extended a bit past January for Americans, but up in Canada, we now have the option to check out a beta for the next version with a smattering of new features. The gifting mechanism recently launched in BlackBerry App World is now available for BBM Music, so you can beg for BBM Music subscriptions from BlackBerry Messenger contacts. BBM Music will also shoot out a notification for when your free trial is about to expire, so you can cancel before being charged.

One of my many initial complains about BBM Music was that it didn’t update your status with what you were listening to like that native media player, but they’ve patched that up in in version 1.1. You can also invite friends on Facebook and Twitter to be your buddy on BBM Music, as well as share individual tracks you’re listening to. Of course, for now the links that are being shared are only accessible on BlackBerry devices with BBM Music installed, but I’m sure in time folks in desktop browsers will be able to check out the share music too. Aside from that, there are a smattering of other UI and performance tweaks, but it’s more or less the same experience: pick 50 songs, add friends, get access to their songs. Just make sure you have friends with good taste in music. And that they own a BlackBerry. And that they’re also willing to shell out $5/month for the service. And that they listen to music exclusively on their phone.

If you’re in Canada and want to give BBM Music 1.1 a shot, sign up for the program over here in the Beta Zone.

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