Galaxy Nexus antennagate? Verizon confirms its signal strength issues

It seems that the new Google/Samsung Galaxy Nexus is having a little “antennagate” of its own. After Twitter user Jack Doyle tweeted to Verizon about signal strength issues he’s experiencing with his Galaxy Nexus, the Verizon Wireless Support team confirmed: “The signal strength issue is currently being investigated. We don’t have an ETA, but a software update is being developed.”

Now before you get nervous, this isn’t a real antennagate scenario like the iPhone 4 chaos of last year — albeit it is fun to joke about. There’s no right or wrong way of holding your Galaxy Nexus and Verizon seems to think that the connectivity problems currently plaguing the Galaxy Nexus are software-related, not hardware-related. Additionally, it doesn’t look like signal strength is a problem for all Galaxy Nexus owners, just a select few.

Phew. That’s a relief, right Galaxy Nexus owners? Though on the downside, you won’t be getting a free case.

The Galaxy Nexus launched in foreign countries back in November and it didn’t get to Verizon in the United States until December 14th. With the exception of this tiny signal strength wrinkle and an early volume bug in international markets, it has received abundant praise.

IntoMobile’s own Marin Perez reviewed the Verizon version today, calling it “quite an impressive device” and a joy to use.

  • I would not say a few there are people all over complaining about it. I talked to a support person (about mine) and he said it has been crazy all weekend with people calling about it.

    • Hm, interesting. Thanks for the comment.

    • SCG

      So Glad you posted this! 
      I got a Nexus Google on Friday and the signal SUCKS! 0 bars on 4G and 1
      bar on 3G.  BB 9930 and a 6 year old
      Droid get 4-5 bars in the same location with Verizon.  This has made the phone useless, internet
      non-existent, call quality the worst I’ve ever had (0 bars). 

      Called and talked to Verizon level 2 support and they were
      useless too!  Turn-on, turn-off
      phone.  Remove battery and SIM card.  Re-power unit.  When I told them I would not waste any more
      time because I read on Engadet and Twitter that Verizon acknowledge there was a
      problem and a sw fix was in the works, Level-2 support stated, “we work
      off of internet rumors” When I gave her the Verizon Twitter account info,
      she said, “they don’t pay me to read Twitter only what’s on my
      screen.”  When I told them it’s sad
      when the customer has more information that the level 2 tech support, she said,
      “is the anything else I can help you with tonight?

      Completely useless and a waste of my time.  I have 10 days to return the phone and I just
      might have to if they don’t get it fix ASAP. 
      Wanted to post in case anyone else is having signal problems too.

  • Anonymous

    I am sitting here with my original droid and dx2 next the the Gnex I just bought…both have more signal than my new super phone. I had great reception in store where I tried it out for two hours…bought it…now reception stinks. I have owned it for two days. If it is not fixed in the next 12, I am taking mine back.

  • So, finally Verizon admitted that there are some signal strength issues with Samsung Galaxy Nexus with the Verizon network. The good thing is that not all the phones has faced this signal issue.

  • Yep, there is a little issue with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ antenna. Mobile network signals might be affected by this antenna issue. We hope Verizon wireless will successfully fix the issue in quick feature.

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