IM+ getting its own in-app messenger Beep and the Angry Birds theme

IM+ getting its own in-app messenger Beep and the Angry Birds theme

Shape Services will be updating its super-popular multi-network instant messaging client IM+ with its own in-app messenger called Beep. The new capability will allow users to chat with contacts from their phone’s Address Book as well as with friends from different IM networks via a single unified interface.

Beep is touted as a free alternative to SMS and MMS, with its key selling point being in integration with other IM networks through IM+. Best of all, it will be available in both IM+ free and paid versions across all popular smartphone platforms like the iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone.

In the other IM+ news, it is getting a new theme, developed in cooperation with Rovio. As you can imagine, this means Angry Birds! The theme includes moving background, flying birds and pigs that show up on the screen from time to time.

Those who haven’t heard about IM+ before should know it’s one of the most popular mobile chat clients with some 17 million people using it. You can join this party too by visiting this page, selecting your device and taking it from there.

  • John

    Got the free upgrade. Works great and awesome theme!
    Also I tested Beep with a friend of mine and it works great. So I thought of buying whatsapp but why should I now???? 

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