Ninjas return to battle over Nexus unboxing

When the Nexus name first appeared, it called together the disparate ninja clans to perform The Great Unboxing, unified as an unstoppable kung fu force. It didn’t take long for the tentative alliance to devolve into bickering, and finally brazen treachery for the launch of the Samsung Nexus S. Today, the furious Red Ninja takes the battle to the desktop, bending the very fabric of time in the process. For the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you take control of the Red Ninja to unleash flying kicks upon the Black and White Ninjas, while dodging their deadly 8-bit shuriken. As your foes fall, amass Nexus Power to defeat their evil, miniature superiors.

Grasp your destiny at the web version here, and complete your quest in the Android Market.

[RT @googlenexus]

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