GetGlue for iOS updated with guides and multiple conversations

GetGlue has just updated their iOS app to include multiple conversation streams and guides – a feature that you would typically only find through their desktop website. Conversations was something GetGlue introduced to iOS for the first time in September, but now you can flip between live comment streams with a simple swipe. Guides are brand new to mobile, and should be a helpful source when trying to figure out what to watch. They’re generated based on stuff you’ve checked into in the past, as well as what you’ve marked as liked or disliked. Finally, they’ve also revamped the home stream to be a little more visual, and offer quick access to voting check-ins as “cool”, “useful”, or “funny”.

I’m a big fan of GetGlue, and am pumped to see updates like this starting to trickle down from the web to mobile. There’s an iPad app up and running, but it would be good to see an Android Honeycomb version available, or at very least a tablet-optimized site so it would be easier to check in on my PlayBook. On top of the collection of limited-edition stickers, it would be great to see GetGlue churning out more tangible rewards, like the one they kicked off with True Blood.

In any case, if you haven’t tried it out, you really should download GetGlue at the link below; it’s a great way to keep tabs on which TV shows and movies you’ve watched, as well as which ones you want to watch. Personally, I use it a lot to share what video games I’m playing too, plus there are sections to check in for watching live sports, drinking wine, and a bunch of other different entertainment niches.

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