Want Siri for Android? Try Vlingo [Infographic]

While Siri isn’t perfect, the voice-controlled assistant is definitely an innovative feature of the iPhone 4S and it’s something that may make Android fans jealous. While we’ve seen some Siri competitors on Android before, we’ve been fans of Vlingo for a long time and the company just put out an infographic about why it offers more features than Siri.

The funny thing is that both Siri and Vlingo are now connected through Nuance, as this company provides the voice-recognition technology for Apple’s iPhone 4S and it just acquired Vlingo. Still, the infographic is interesting to see and if you’re on an Android phone and want a taste of voice controls, feel free to download Vlingo here.

  • Ewilliams

    ok…did a simple search “How old is Dick Clark?” Vlingo told me he was 80 years old when he died in 2009.

    He’s not dead!! Won’t be using this piece of crap!!! ROFL…

    • RobertP

      You don’t think VLingo actually searched the net for the answer do you? They used a search engine. Probably Google but I really don’t know. It was the search engine that gave you the wrong answer. So I guess your next job is to find out which one VLingo uses and make sure you don’t ever use it yourself.

    • Jooob

      might have been a different Dick clark which did die at 80 in 2009 – im sure there are more than one! i love this App!

    • WTF is Dick Clark?

  • I have used Vlingo and its only good for texting and i din find that great, most of the recommendations were irrelevant which made me disappointed :/ only myBantu has potential to replace siri on Android, though the product is not complete yet.

  • Hey folks, infographic looks good but is really Vlingo there? certainly not just texting and call feature works well when compared myBantu as a Siri competitor Vlingo features are no where matching, from past few days m jus experimenting these apps just to understand which and roid app can replace Siri, and i feel myBantu has better chance

  • Ross i agree with, after using Vlingo and myBantu, i felt myBantu generates better recommendations which are relevant. It performs very well for Local search, Dining reservation, Shopping and movie ticket booking, Text, call feature, Skype call, To-Do,Reminders uff long list of features makes me feel myBantu is certainly making a mark on Android market as Siri alternative in coming days.

  • claire

    this is really biased… to say siri costs 199 and vlingo costs 0 makes no sense… an iphone 4s cost 199 and to use vlingo you must also purchase a phone so that comparison makes no sense. and the fact that vlingo can be used on over a thousand devices has nothing to do with the quality of the actual app.
    you say that vlingo supports more languages than siri and is coming out with more but guess what! siri is also coming out with more. (and i dont think as a canadian i need a different language from americans)
    last but not least…
    if vlingo was released in 2008 it should in theory be far ahead in technology to siri but guess what again! its not…
    sure, there are some aspects of siri that apple could improve on but to be honest, the only  reason you would get vlingo is because you dont have an iphone. 

    • Don’t *want* an iPhone you mean? You sound seriously bitter that anyone should DARE criticize the mighty iPhone! I don’t own either an Android phone or an iPhone, but I’d choose Android over crApple any day.

    • Canadians_Suck-lol

      Your Canadian…..No one cares….

      • Anonymous

        Just like you clearly don’t care about proper spelling. Doesn’t it suck when you insult someone and make yourself look like an idiot in the process?

    • Drew Nusser

      I agree that the infographic is really biased, but let’s be fair – Marin didn’t come up with it.  He just put it there to show the different features that Vlingo offers.  And how is Vlingo not ahead in technology?  Have you even used it?  I’ve done some simple tests with my friend’s 4s and my Atrix side-by-side with Vlingo, and more often than not, Vlingo understood and interpreted my voice more accurately.  Siri has more answers to obscure questions, which makes it fun, and it can set reminders/appointments, which Vlingo can’t do right now, but is apparently getting in 2012.  Oh, and Siri understands regular, everyday language a little better, but not enough to make it that much more useful.  Other than that, Siri doesn’t really have anything on the alternatives that have packed more features for years.

      Anyway, the biggest reason Siri is such a huge deal is…you ready?  Advertising!  Apple has always done an amazing job at tweaking (and sometimes improving) already available products, and then convincing people that they are necessities.  Siri is awesome, but it’s nothing new, and it definitely doesn’t have the most features.

  • Have used Vlingo and its only for texting and calling nothing special as they claim lol most of the recommendations were irrelevant …myBantu is Faaar better

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a terrible app, but it doesn’t do nearly as much as advertised. Most requests just result in a simple speech to text Google search. This is something my phone can two in two clicks already. Like Jeff said, this is pretty much just for texting, calling, and maybe GPS use. I can definitely see this being useful as a truly hands free app in the car, because it will allow you to wake it up with a voice command.

    But all in all, worth a look.

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