Layar introduces Stiktu, makes augmented reality social

Layar, one of the innovators of mobile augmented reality, recently announced the release of its new social experiment called Stiktu, an application allowing Android and iOS smartphone users to leave digital postings on real-world images and share them with each other. The social app lets users add text, images, stickers and sketches to objects around you by scanning them with your phone.

Discussing the reason why it created Stiktu, Layar on its blog said:

From the very start we always wanted to give this powerful technology to people so they could use it to their own benefit. With Stiktu we created an app that does exactly that. Now everybody can publish augmented reality content on anything they care about.

Stiktu reminds me a lot of the app I use on my Android device called PicSay Pro, a photo editor for Android that allows users to manipulate pictures with all kinds of fun stuff (special effects, paint, word balloons, stickers and etc). The only difference between the two is the social aspect, with PicSay you can scan items and share them around the world.

Stiktu can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store and Android Market, while the rest of the world will be able to download the app “very soon”. Checkout the way Stiktu works in the embedded video below.

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  • Raimo

    Thanks Charles! DIdn’t you mean Stiktu instead of PicSay in your last sentence?

  • Guest

    Sorry , I dont get it? To see if someone has added a comment to a magazine page I need to scan my phone over every page in the magazine? Whats the point to that , I am going to get a sore arm and aflat battery very quickly!! 

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