Leak: Sony Ericsson LT28at, the mother of all Android phones is coming next year

Sony Ericsson, soon to be just plain ol’ Sony, is going to release a device in 2012 that’s currently codenamed LT28at. A description of it showed up on the Bluetooth SIG’s website, which says that the LT28at is a “super phone” that has a 4.55 inch 720p resolution display, 13 megapixel camera with a backside illuminated sensor, 720p front facing camera, dual band WiFi, dual microphones, and best of all support for 4G LTE. The folks at SlashGear were also able to get some sample photos that are supposedly from the device in question, and they look absolutely marvelous (see photo above). The key questions are of course when will the LTE28at be announced, when will it actually show up on store shelves, and how much is it going to cost? If we had to make any bets, we’d say we’re going to see this thing at Mobile World Congress, in stores around the summer time, and it’ll easily be priced at over 500 Euros.

What’s exciting about the Sony Ericsson LT28at is that is isn’t going to be released in a vacuum, meaning that we should see a plethora of devices with similar specifications being released over the course of the next few months. Thank Qualcomm for that, who is likely supplying the Snapdragon S4 processor that will be at the heart of not just the LT28at, but also a majority of flagship Android smartphones that’ll ship in 2012. That’s purely speculation on our part, though we’ve got a strong feeling that we’ll be proven right by this time next year.

Are you excited for the ridiculously powerful devices slated to hit the market next year or are you pretty content with what you already own and want smartphone vendors to focus on other key metrics such as battery life and build quality? When you think about it, that “super phone” isn’t really “super” anymore when the battery dies right around lunchtime.

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