now offers MetroPCS phones

Those of you looking to get a phone with MetroPCS contract may be glad to know that a selection of the carrier’s portfolio, including both feature phones and smartphone, is now available on It’s not like buying a phone from MetroPCS’ website was a problem — it’s just that Amazon has its own clientele who more often than not prefer buying just about anything from the online retailer.

After purchasing a handset on, customers will be able to activate service either by logging on to, visiting a MetroPCS retail location or by simply dialing *228 from their mobile device.

Finally we have the words of MetroPCS’ Tom Keys (president and COO) to share – he said: “Making our phones available on is just one way that we’re providing consumers with a convenient purchase option that will allow them to have it all with MetroPCS’ services.” now offers MetroPCS phones

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