Argentina bans iPhone, BlackBerry imports to support local production

In an attempt to rectify issues with Argentina’s economy, the South American country placed a temporary ban on imports of foreign-made electronics. Two of the most well-known of those electronics are the iPhone and BlackBerry devices. Apple and RIM collectively account for 60 percent of Argentina’s smartphone market, so the ban is going to have a substantial impact on its mobile industry.

What about Android and Windows Phone? Neither of the operating systems nor the hardware manufacturers were affected because they — Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Microsoft, etc. — have manufacturing facilities within Argentina. Android and Windows Phone will very quickly see a boost in sales, while iPhone and BlackBerry sales will drop to zero, unless of course Apple and RIM open up local plants or partner with other manufacturers. Don’t hold your breath for either.

The truth is, the iPhone and BlackBerry markets have been struggling in Argentina for a while. A law was already in place that added a 20.48 percent tax on electronic imports on top of the standard 21 percent sales tax. Yikes.

The government of Argentina says they will lift the ban on iPhones and BlackBerrys when the economy shows significant signs of stabilization, but there’s no telling just when that will happen.

[via Electronista]

Update: The original report might be false.

  • Pete Perry

    Another win for Android.  I don’t agree with banning products as I think Android phones will win on merit (and they are) but, it is hard to argue which one supports local manufacturing better with Androind making the phones possible.

  • Pablo

    Parche económico, acá siempre son parches. A mi particularmente no me modifica en nada porque uso android.

  • GiveMeAppsAppMall

    This is insane!

  •   I like the idea but I think there are a little less drastic ways to go about supporting locally made products.

  • quintus murray

    the wonders of cocaine at work here that is some strong stuff they are snorting

  • Radus

    The only Nokia plant from South America is in Manaus, Brasil.

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