Sony Tablet S Ice Cream Sandwich update coming “soon”

Sony Tablet S Ice Cream Sandwich update coming "soon"

Sony UK used its online forum to say that the Ice Cream Sandwich updated for one of its tablets, Tablet S, is coming “soon.” Unfortunately, they weren’t too specific, leaving us pondering what exactly that “soon” means. Is it the first quarter, the second one? It’s really hard to tell, but we do hope Sony, as a reputable company that is focusing a ton of energy on Android, will release the new software update sooner rather than later…

And before I let you go, I have a Tablet S-related confession to make. I find it to be one of the best 10.1-inch Android tablets out there. Simply put – it fits perfectly into the hand, making reading content on it an awesome experience. In other words, that “magazine fold” design really works. What do you think about it?

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Chris

    I thought the Sony Tablet S has a 9.4″ screen?

  • gman

    i love it, it’s the best of class however from a market place and inter-operable simple POV, it has a way to go. the power in this device is about what you don’t know and about what isn’t obvious and you only find out after fiddling or finding something cool.
    sony could profit form this if they marketed better

  • Tim Barrable

    I love it too. Just invested in one after considering both the iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I’m really glad I did. The ergonomics are great, I love the ‘trublack’ 9.4″ screen and the IR remote functionality is terrific. Now if Sony could just sort out the set-up and user experience around its media offerings….

  • sweetness2213

    I need that update NOW!!! I need that task killer!!!

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