Spoiled kids don’t get iPhone for Christmas, disown parents on Twitter

An interesting thing happened on Christmas Day this year: thousand upon thousands of hopeful children didn’t get an iPhone under the tree. While some were still happy to get anything at all, others gathered the shattered remains of their dreams, and cast the biting shards out to Twitter, saying things like “No Iphone. I hate my dad.“, “My parents are the worst mother Fucking parents in the world fuck you mom and dad for not getting me a Iphone. FUCK YOU. FML. #Iphone“, and “Didn’t get the iPhone for Christmas #pissed #nottalkingtomyparentsagain“. Similar tweets aired the unbridled fury of teens who got a black iPad instead of a white one.

While it’s sad to see kids stooping to such depths, I doubt it’s anything really new. What’s new is that people are casting the spotlights on these spoiled kids by retweeting and otherwise sharing these posts. Now, the public backlash to these individuals may be overkill for what was an off-hand comment, but in a lot of ways, I’m all for appropriate public shaming through social media. A great example of this phenomenon is Ocean Marketing, who recently made a series of poorly-worded e-mails with a customer and one of the biggest influencers in their industry. Once the misstep went viral, it put the marketing company out of business, and left a permanent dent in the product’s brand. Then there were the Vancouver riots earlier this year, where hockey fans were throwing a childish city-wide tantrum because their team lost. In an age where everybody has a camera thanks to their smartphones, social networking made identifying some of the unmasked rabble-rousers a breeze.

With any luck, the amount of negative attention these kids are getting will help them realize that they can’t get away with that kind of attitude in the real world. The worst-case scenario is that their parents cave, buy them the damned iPhone, teach them that they can get whatever they want, and those kids grow up to be self-entitled assholes.

Here’s a great great little song putting together just some of the spoiled tweets. Kids these days, eh?

[via @fart]

  • typical apple customers. but that’s what happens when you buy overpriced hardware w/ an “intuitive” (a.k.a. mindless) OS for your teenagers.

  • Jon Garrett

    these kids should be given one way tickets to Cambodia.

    • Mymakara

      why Cambodia?

      • Jon Garrett

        no particular reason, any far away and less developed country would do.

  • Nadia

    You want an Iphone, Ipad, car???!! Get a job and pay for it your fucking self!!! Spoiled brats!

  • Foralder_84

    Spoiled mf!

  •   typical
    apple customers. but that’s what happens when you buy overpriced
    hardware w/ an “intuitive” (a.k.a. mindless) OS for your teenagers.great it………………………

  • Guest12

    Lucky kids, I don’t even celebrate Christmas. I don’t even care because I know that there are always people that have less than you. I would be lucky to get a dollar bill from my parents.

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