Research shows Android keeps climbing, BlackBerry keeps shrinking

comScore today published their research results for the U.S. smartphone market in November, and it’s more of the same: RIM’s share of the pie keeps getting smaller, and Google’s keeps getting bigger. The changes since October weren’t really significant, but the course remained consistent. The BlackBerry smartphone OS market share dipped 0.6% since last month, leaving BlackBerry with 16.6% total, while Android and iPhone climbed 0.6%, claiming 46.9% and 28.7% respectively. In terms of manufacturing hardware, Samsung is still king of the hill, with 25.3% of all mobile phones sold in the U.S. RIM’s share of hardware across all of mobile dropped 0.1% to 6.5%. By comparison, BlackBerry was soaking up 7.6% back in July.

The slow, steady decline of BlackBerry isn’t showing any signs of reversing direction, unfortunately. The only possible thing that could save RIM at this point are smartphones running the new BB10 operating system, and we won’t see those until late next year. At this point, it’s looking like the best-case scenario will be a 10-inch PlayBook landing in the spring, and even that’s not certain. On the plus side, RIM still boasts decent growth internationally, but many of those markets are unstable. Will BlackBerry be able to survive long enough abroad to make something competitive for North America?

It will be much more interesting to see comScore’s numbers for December; maybe we can get some confirmation that iPhone actually did out-activate Android.


  • Erik Devisser

    my BB plan comes up for renewal early 2012… what to do..

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