Apple wants to ban creepy Steve Jobs doll

You might recall our report on the Steve Jobs collectible action figure set to hit shelves in February for $99. I called it “just plain creepy” and Apple doesn’t like it much either.

Those Cupertino-based rebels reportedly threatened to sue Icons, the Chinese company behind the doll, if it goes on sale. According to Apple, any toy meant to depict the company logo or executives is a criminal offense. The action figure facing legal woes is a foot tall and featured the full Steve Jobs look: round glasses, black turtleneck, jeans, belt, and white sneakers. Everything is nicely detailed and it ships with accessories too: a bar stool, two apples, and the famous “One more thing …” slide as a backdrop.

If you know Apple at all, you know it is willing to spark a legal battle over anything that gets in its way. Dolls are no exception. But even after Steve Jobs’ unfortunate demise in October, the company is still not standing down on the beliefs and morals Jobs distinctly baked into it. This is just a minor sign that Steve Jobs manages to stick around Cupertino in spirit.

Apple also successfully banned sales of a Steve Jobs doll in 2010 that was going to sell for thousands on eBay.

[via AppleInsider]

  • Jon Garrett

    very creepy indeed. idol worship is out of control. but doesn’t Steve Job’s family/estate own his likeness?

    did Steve Jobs own apple or does apple own Steve Jobs?

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