Infinity Blade franchise exceeds $30 million in earnings; Infinity Blade 2 earns $5 million

We all know how popular Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment’s Infinity Blade series has been ever since the first game released last year, which is why it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone the Infinity Blade franchise has earned over $30 million in sales with Infinity Blade 2 earning over $5 million a month within its release.

The Infinity Blade franchise isn’t made up of just both games on iOS, instead, it also encompasses its book, soundtrack, and its coin-op arcade game. Even though the Infinity Blade franchise isn’t strictly made up of its iOS games, $30 million is still quite the amount for a company to make based of an award-winning mobile game. The only other mobile game that has achieved that kind of fame would have to be Rovio’s Angry Birds, although I could certainly argue the difference between both games until I’m blue in the face.

This momentous occasion also shows mobile game developers shouldn’t be afraid to deliver a game outside of the casual market. Playing a game with just a few minutes between appointments is great, but there’s also a core audience out there who would like nothing better than to play an engaging game on their mobile device or tablet for hours on their couch or during long periods of travel.


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