Siri-like Android app Iris adds ChaCha answers

Iris adds ChaCha answers

India-based Dexetra is teaming-up with Q&A service ChaCha to create a “revolutionary element” to the Siri-like Iris app for Android. As a result, the popular voice-powered Q&A application will now include ChaCha’s vast database of questions and answers, allowing instant responses to inquiries asked by users for free. Moreover, this partnership is touted to allow Iris to emerge as the “world’s most intelligent voice assistant,” improving accuracy, understandability and search time.

Already Iris can handle a number of requests, including calling, texting, web and local search, music playback, present users with movie reviews, video watching and news. And with the help of ChaCha, you’ll get more concise answers spanned across a number of subjects.

Commenting on the news, Dexetra CEO Narayan Babu said: “ChaCha’s massive database of quality answers will add a lot of value to the Iris app. This partnership will not only benefit Iris, but Dexetra as well and it is an honor to work with this groundbreaking company.”

iris (FREE) [Android Market link]

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