TurtleBeach intro Ear Force headsets for mobile gamers

It’s clear that mobile gaming is becoming more complex and lucrative but listening with your included earbuds may not give you the full experience. TurtleBeach is unveiling three new gaming headsets specifically designed for mobile gamers and these should rock your eardrums, in a good way.

The Ear Force M3, M5, and M1 all seem like worthy headsets for anyone looking for truly premium audio quality, which isn’t often found in mobile devices. Though the M3 is the cheapest of the three at only $39.95, it’s actually the mid-range product. It’s the best choice for heavy travelers since the ear cups can fold up and quickly be tucked away with other belongings.

Turtle Beach does promise that the ear cups are extremely comfortable, so don’t be fooled by the M3’s small design. Inside, there’s high-fidelity 40mm audio drivers that are also in the top-of-the-line M5 model. Turtle Beach built in a small microphone, too.

Speaking of the M5, this is the one to go after if you are serious about powering up that smartphone or tablet, launching a game, and kicking some ass. As I mentioned, the M5 features the same audio drivers and built-in mic as the M3, but I think the real winning feature here is the circumaural ear cups. If you’ve ever used supraaural ear cups — which rest directly on your ears while circumaural wraps around them — for a long period of time, you’ll appreciate the roominess of the M5. This also allows for noise-isolation and Turtle Beach naturally boasts that as a feature. The M5 is ten bucks more than the M3 at $49.95.

Lastly, the M1 is a pair of earbuds instead of a legitimate headset, but it packs in the built-in mic and 10mm audio drivers. This will hit the market at $59.95.

TurtleBeach has yet to say when its new Ear Force headsets will be available to purchase. The “Coming Soon” banner is all we have to look forward to at the moment. Plan to hear more from TurtleBeach during CES 2012.

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