AT&T CEO: Family data plans still a work in progress

After completing his keynote speech at CES 2012 today, AT&T President and CEO Ralph de la Vega participated in an interview in which he was asked about shared data plans. These plans would allow multiple AT&T customers with smartphones to all grab from a monthly pool of gigabytes of data. His response? Well, it’s still a work in progress.

“We’re still working on that,” de la Vega said specifically in the interview. “It just takes a little more time than we all would want it to take. But sometimes it’s better to make sure you take your time and get it right.”

It’s urgent that the carriers get on top of this soon. As more customers move from regular cell phones to smartphones, they will begin to question why there isn’t a family data plan just like there is calling and texting family plans. Smartphone-equipped families are already paying nearly $100 per month on data alone when each individual plan is added together.

Last year at the AllThingsD D9 conference, Ralph de la Vega’s comments on the launch of shared data plans were similarly vague. “It will be soon,” he said. “I can’t comment on a [launch] quarter but it will be soon.” Verizon is also said to be looking into implementing shared data plans.

[via AllThingsD]

  • Reality

    “We just want to keep gouging our customers for a couple more months to rake in a little more sweet, sweet green”, de la Vega added.

  • quintus murray

    but it’s STILL cheaper than a home internet connection!!!!!!!

    • Email

      It is not really as i sometimes download 50 gigs if not more

  • Fed up

    At&T has the worst customer service ever!!!! That can’t get my bill right after 3 months…then they took out $550.00 out of my bank account that I did not authorize them to do. Now I have checks bouncing on my other bills because of this. I’ve called so many times, spoken to customer service rep. after Cus. Serv. Rep., then tried a Manager…still can’t get the right amount. Each one gives me a different amount. WTF are they doing? I’m going to talk to a lawyer!!! Who is in charge of the company anyway…a clown? Can anyone help me?

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