CES 2012: HTC Titan II hands-on with the 4G LTE Windows Phone

CES 2012 is just kicking off and the HTC Titan may already be the device to beat, as the sleek handset is the first Windows Phone with 4G LTE and it has a whopping 16-megapixel camera. HTC invited us to play with it and you know we were anxious to take a look at it.

As the name implies, it has a large screen with the 4.7-inch Super LCD display. It’s a nice screen that holds up well in sunlight and is quite responsive. Inside, you’re looking at a 1.5 GHz SnapDragon S2 processor, 16 GB of storage and the usual radios you’d expect. This one also has AT&T’s 4G LTE support and it’s the first Windows Phone which can utilize this blazing-fast mobile data network.

The device runs Windows Phone Mango and you know we’re big fans of the crisp and clean operating system. It runs extremely well on the Titan II, as well.

With its specs and 4G LTE support, the HTC Titan II would be quite a formidable device but HTC upped the ante by adding a 16-megapixel camera. We all know that the number of megapixels isn’t the end-all, be-all of photography but it’s still a “wow” moment. Still, the device can only record videos in 720p HD but as you can see from the sample pics below, the photos come out pretty well.

So, check out the photos and videos of the HTC Titan II and we’ll have a review for you as soon as we possibly can. What do you think of this new device?

Titan II sample photos:

  • Ecal

    The pics are not bad at all!!

  • Ecal

    The pics are not bad at all!!

  • You take one picture and the battery dies.  🙂  Wow, 16mp, who’d of thought it, and in a PHONE….  🙂

    • Wp7 is like almost dead

    • quintus murray

      wp7 yes but this is 7.5 buddy two completely different animals

    • Do you ever give it a rest? Play a different tune for a change or contribute something worthy for a change.

  • …16 Megapixel  e 4G very good 🙂

  • Dsdad

    16 mp is too much.12 is enough
    the battery will drain soon while taking a few photos
    i suppose this phone would result in a great loss for HTC.
    but windows 7.5 is good
    even though it has 16 mp camera ,it can record videos at 720p only 
    shame on HTC ,even sony has 12 mp camera with 1080p video at 60fps

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